Sept 22, 2018

This is our first post here at Housewolf Studios. We're currently working on a new VR flying game set during World War II: Knight's Sky. It will feature a single-player campaign where you assume the role of a young Luftwaffe pilot. The story is still being worked on, but it will generally begin early/mid-war through the terminal phase of the war. You'll experience the increasing attrition and insurmountable odds faced by the German fighter pilots throughout this time.

The project began in early 2018, but up until recently this was the research and exploration phase. This is where we experimented with technology and art, all while reading history books and memoirs. From the outset we wanted to tell a story that was different from well-covered perspectives of the Western Allies. Also considered were stories centering on the air forces of France, Japan, and Finland. We eventually realized that the plight of the Jagdflieger is one that has hardly been appreciated outside of historical circles.

Of course the most interesting story means nothing if the game isn't fun to play. We've posted our first video below showing the basic flight, AI, and weapons systems.

While we plan on releasing this exclusively as a virtual reality game, we're not completely sure which hardware will be supported. Currently it's being developed on an Oculus Rift, but that can change as new types of hardware come into the fray.

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